Supremweb supplies a number of Taxi Management and Accounting Desktop software for your home and office, which helps you to run your taxi business. They are the Taxi Accountant Software for drivers and the Taxi Fleet Manager Software for Owners and Fleet Manangers. Gradually we update these applications to enable to copy your shift data from your phone to your desktop app.

Do not confuse this with the facility of sending data to our software application via the Internet. This is already facilitated and the driver can send his shift data directly from the car to your software application in your office or home. This page is about an additional and different facility.

The picture shows you a typical Network. Note that the computers can be connected by network cables or wireless as long as they are on the same Network as the Wi-fi.
Turn on your desktop application and open up the Wifi data Windows form. On your Phone tap on your Menu where it says Your Past Shift Records. There you can see all your shift records, which you have finished.
Turn on the Data Listener on the Desktop application and read the IP address. You will need to set your Phone to the same IP address as shown further below.
Now click the SEND TO COMPUTER VIA WIFI (or you can also navigate there by clicking the Main Menu "Your Past Shift Records > Send Pastshifts WIFI". Set the IP address as shown below to the same as shown on your desktop application and then tap the Send Message Button.
If the Listerner is not turned on, or something is going wrong, your phone will hang there a little bit as it is trying to connect. This is normal. But if all is Ok, it will only take a second or so and you will see the data on your desktop application.
Having received this data, which you would see on your desktop application, you must now translate it so that your desktop application can understand it.
A new Windowns Form will open and you will see the data in modified form. You might see the date cells in the data grid being blue, meaning that the dates do not belong to the tax year for which the Taxi Fleet Manager Program is currently set. You will either exit the Activity, change the Tax Year of operation and then start again, or you may need to click inside the blue date box and change the date - time manually. If any of the cells are red, say for example the car cell, it means you don't have that car in the database. You will either need to add this car to your database, or click inside the red cell and change the car. The same goes with the driver. You can make any changes in the grid as you please.
Click the Green Button to import each shift one at time.