When you start your application for the first time, please configure it. Input your name, email address, which cars you use and if required set the date range limit of the calendars (this should not be necessary as they are at default, set at within this year). See further below in Configure your Application. This help file is subject to changes.


    You need to download this Application. You can do it from Google App Site or you can download it from our web site. If you click on the "Download Calculator" link above, you will come to our web site and from there you can directly be linked to Google Play as well. If you go to the Google Play site, the advantage is that the Calculator will not only download but install itself, how ever you may need to create a Google Account. If you download from our web site, you will need to navigate to your downloaded file directory on your Phone and manually install it.
    Attention: If you install (update to) a newer version, it may be necessary to uninstall the previous version. Also remember your log in details to send data, as you will need to re-configure your app. Using the same login credentials has the advantage that it remembers stored software id numbers of the applications to send data to, so this process becomes easier for you.


    You can skip the Wizard if you like and put the data in any order you like. You can always click on the View Shift Summary to see the progress of the shift. The Shift Summary page also shows you all the errors. You can view them and then click on the Menu and go directly to the page where the input has not been done yet or still needs amendment.
    Use the Wizard to go from page to page to put your shift data in if you like. You can skip and come back to the pages as you please. You click the next and back button to navigate. You can also break into the pages in any order through the main menu by tapping the three dots on the top right of the application. There are following pages within the wizard:
  • Main Page
    Here you can select if you are an owner driver or not, reset your current shift data, generate a Demonstration Shift and you can directly link to a number of other pages which you can also navigate to with the Menu.
  • 1) Shift Start and End Time Page
    On this page you set what date and what time you started your shift.
    If for some reason, you are unable to set the Date Picker to the correct date, go to the Configuration Page and change your Date Pickers Date-range-limit by clicking on one of the three radio buttons.
  • 2) Shift Start Figures Page
    Here you put your name, the car number, the Kilometer reading and the total Money Figures on the Meter at shift start.
    Note: You can add cars on this page. You can add as many cars as you like, and you then have to select the car by tapping on the car with your finger. If you want to delete a car, go the Configuration Page. You can also add cars in the Configuration Page.
  • 3) Shift End Figures
    Here you input the current kilometers reading of your car and the total takings on the meter at shift end. The software automatically calculates the total kilometers driven and the total money taken.
  • 4) Shift End Date and Time
    Here you put select the Date and the Time when your shift finishes.
    If for some reason, you are unable to set the Date Picker to the correct date, go to the Configuration Page and change your Date Pickers Date-range-limit by clicking on one of the three radio buttons.
  • 5) Split Cash, Eftpos and Vouchers and Unmetered Takings
    Inut your Eftpos (Debit and Credit Card transactions) and income you have received other than cash. The application calculates the cash, (total takings - eftpos - vouchers), so you don't need to put any cash in. In this page you also put in any money that you have made without having turned on the meter (unmetered or quoted takings). The software will add this to the total automatically.
  • 6) Shift Expenses
    Here you input all the expenses. These are Fuel, Toll charges (read more below on toll charges), cleaning and other expenses. You also see a check button where it says "Toll  includes in total takings". If for example your meter automatically addes the toll fees to the total and the toll fees become hidden in the fares, you check this box. For example: The fare was 20 Dollars plus 5 Dollars Toll Fee. The customer was charged 25 Dollars inclusive the Toll fees. So the Toll fees were included in your total fare and are part of your total shift income. You are advised to use Toll Fees for all charges that make part of your total taking. If you have different type of Toll Fees, and you want to separate them, you can use the Other Expenses as the other Toll fee. For example there are Toll Charges for the Airport and there are Toll Charges for Toll Roads.
    You must also select the driver and owner percent of the fees.
    There is also a Summarize button. You do not neet to click it, for the application to summarize, it will do that automatically. This is just for you to see.
  • 7) Driver Owner Share and Driver Payments to Owner
    Here you select how many percent of the takings is for the driver and how many for the owner. If you selected Owner driver, certain parts will be disabled and the owner percent will be 100% and the driver percent 0%. Certain input boxes are disabled if you are an Owner Driver.
    Here you also input if you pay a hire fee for the car (Shift Levy to Owner) or if you pay an Insurance Levy to the Owner. Some owner charge the driver an Insurance Levy in case there is an accident and the driver is at fault, the driver gets covered.
  • 8) Shift Summary Report Page
    This page will show you the summary report of the current shift. See below where it says VIEW YOUR SHIFT SUMMARY for more details. You can get there as part of the Wizard (after the Driver Owner Share page), or you can directly come here from the Main Menu. This page will also show and explain errors that you may have made. For every line of information, you can see a button, which says "CHANGE". If you click this button, it will bring you to the page where the change has to be made.

    Before you send your shift data, you must balance your driver-owner share book (if you are not an owner driver) and you must acknowledge it. You can do that as part of the Wizard or you can navigate there from you Main Menu.
    In this page you see a number of check boxes. Some are disabled and some are enabled, depending on what kind of expenses you have. For example let's say there were fuel expenses, and the owner pays a certain amout (up to 100%) of it. On this shift, the owner did not give you a fuel card, but instead you used up some of the cash that you have earned on this shift. In this case, you will check the "DEDUCT OWNER SHARE FUEL EXPENSES". If on the other hand, the owner gave you a fuel card and this was directly charged to his account, you cannot deduct that from the shift income. So in other words, when ever you had an expense type, which were the owner's responsibility, and you used cash from the shift income, or you used your own money (you own card) to pay for it, you need to get this money back from the owner. And this is what the check boxes are for in relation to the expenses of this shift.
    Another scenario may be that you may have had a greate number of non cash transactions which the owner collects, such as Eftpos or Vouchers. This will leave the driver without income and at the end of the shift the owner will need to pay the driver cash.

    Summary: The Acknowledge your shift page is to determine how much cash you have to give to the owner or how much cash the owner must give you.
    You must click the Acknowledge Button, otherwise you cannot proceed any further
    Finish your Shift without sending data:
    You can click on the gree button where it says "CLOSE SHIFT WITOUT SENDING DATA". You use this if you only intend to use this application as a calculator only without sending an email and without sending data to one of our computer software. You may wander why you should click this button, as you can reset your shift data on the Main Start Page anyway. And the answer is this:
    Every time you send your shift data over the Internet, you close the shift. Every time you close the shift, the application puts the shift in Memory. So you can also view your past shifts. However what if you don't send this shift data? If you still want to put this shift into your application memory, you close it with this button and this will reset your current shift to a new shift and put your old shift into memory, and this is the reason why this "CLOSE SHIFT WITHOUT SENDING DATA" is there, to reset to a new shift and to memorize it in your local application database.
    • Just use your app as a Shift Calculator without sending data.  You do that by clicking the "CLOSE SHIFT WITHOUT SENDING DATA" button.
    • Log In to send your Shift data to yourself and the owner into your email accounts. This eliminates paper work. This application will automatically send emails, and you will not be bothered with any email applications.
    • Send your final shift data directly into your or your owner taxi accounting software. You also need to log in to do that. The application will send the data to the office software, and also sends email messages with the shift details to the driver and the owner.
    If you want to send paperless shift data to your self or and to the owner, you do not need any software id. You only need to create the Account for yourself. And that is all. Getting the Application Id number for where the data is to be send is not applicable here. All you need to do is to make sure you have put the appropriate email addresses onto the configuration page of your Android Shift Calculator App.
    If you intend to send data over the Internet, irrespective of just as emails or as data for an office software, you must log in every time you do this. To be able to log in you must create an Account. At this time, creating an Account is free. It is very simple to create an account, and you do it with your Mobile Phone Taxi Shift Calculator Application.
    Forgot your password or username?
    The phone remembers your username and password, but if you update to a newer version all this data is lost. So you should note your username and password down somewhere or try not to forget it.
    You only need to remember one of the two items. If you forgot one, either the password or the username, only type the item that you remember, and click the :SEARCH FOR USERNAME or SEARCH FOR PASSWORD button. If the one item is correct it will find it and it puts it onto the username or password name text box. It is this simple! When you log in, your phone will remember these credentials automatically, until you uninstall the app or you update it to a newer version.
    If you forget your username or password, you could create a new account, but you are not advised to do that, especially if you are using the phone as sending data to a software application. When you have a log in account, you can search for your office software and find it. You can then select it on your phone. As soon as you do that, it will also remember this on our system main database. If you uninstall the app, and reinstall all this memory is gone on your phone, but it still exists on our main database. So if you log in with the same credentials, you don't need to search for your office software application any more. It will come back to you as soon as you log in.
    Navigate to the Log In Page and click the Create Account Button. This will bring you to the CREATE ACCOUNT PAGE. You simply fill in a form.
    You can send your data as an email, or you can send your data to one of our taxi software applications. If you send it on email only, no software app codes are required and you can omit this section. In any case, it will always send an email automatically when data is send to a software application. If you want to send your data to one of our taxi accounting software, you need to find the software Identity Code. If you don't know what the code is, you can search for it as long as you know under what company name it was registered. You can see a Search for software app button when you have logged in, which you click and you come to a page, which will help you to find it. This is explained further below. Once you have selected it, the application will remember it for you.
    You do not need to find an identity code, if you only wish to send your shift data on the email. All you need to do is to provide an email address. In order to send data to an application, the system needs to be able to identify the application to send data to. There are two kinds of identities that help you to do that:
    • The Application Id Number
    • The owner of the softare with the Application Id number
    You need one of the two to be able to find it with your mobile phone. You can search for it with your mobile application and when you found it register it to your user account. You only need to do that once.

  • THREE WAYS OF SENDING DATA (new addition and summary, from android version 12)

    The application has a database and it can memorize the previous shift data. You can re-view it and delete it if you like.
    From version 11 onwards, you can copy your shift data to one of our desktop applications. The Taxi Fleet Manager program will facilitate this as from 14.August 2015, the Taxi Accountant software will facilitate this from 21.August and the International Taxi Fleet Manager will facilitate it when released this year.

    If you have just installed your app, or you have just re-installed your app, you will be prompted to configure it. Configuration is easy. The application requires you to have:
    • At least one email address.
    • Your name as the taxi driver
    Also you can manage your cars here. You can add the cars you are driving and you can delete the cars you are driving. If you make a mistake, delete the car and put the correct car in. When you come to your Shift Start Page, you will see all the cars you have inputted into your database, and you can select which one you want to use for your shift.
    You can configure on this page:
    •  Your name - driver name
    • The owner email address
    • The driver email address
    • The cars you drive
    • The range of the calendar limits on your application:
      There are Calendars in the application where you select the start and the end date of the shift. When you use these calendars, the fact that you can select any year you want, makes it very easy to make a mistake and is also a bit awkward to use. You can limit the date range as follows:
      • No Limit
      • Limit within year (default)
      • Limit within month
    If you have limited your calendars by month, and you are doing a shift add exactly on a day when the month changes, you will have an issue. Let's say you start a shift on the 31.Jannuary and you end the shift on the 1.February. The Calendars won't allow you to go over to the next months untill it is past midnight on the start of the 1.February. You would either have to wait, untill past midnight, or you would need to reconfigure your calendars.
    Configuration is done by checking one of the appropriate radio buttons on this page.
    Viewing your application version id and number:

    On this configuration page you can also see which version you have. This will enable you to know if you have the latest version. In addition, when you run this app for the first time, it will create a unique number. This number is an identification number by which your application can be recognized.

This Help File is under construction. It should help our Android Users. This will be completed by the end of June 2015.

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