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Werner Sandner
Programming engineer

What is a desktop application?:

  • It is actually runs on your computer.
  • It comes as an installer.
    The application comes as an installer (meaning as an exe file) and when clicking on it it installs on your computer.
  • The applications can be installed on as many computers as you like.
  • The installer can be downloaded from a web site.
    When we provide it, we usually provide the facility to download the application from our Web Site. It can also be arranged to be downloaded from your Web Site if you like.
  • The Desktop Application can have an included database
    A database can be part of the application. It installs with the application. This is the most likely scenario.
  • It can have many features such as auto updates, activation and so on.
  • The desktop application can communicate data with your web site (web services).
    If you have a web site and you want your desktop application to work with your web site. Let's say you want the user to log in to your external database which is also connected to you web site. Or you want to control access of the desktop application from your web site. There are many options.
  • The desktop application can communicate data an external database.
    A database somewhere in the world can be used as the back end of the application. The facilities are too numerious to mention here. This can also contain user access.
  • Samples:
    • Our Taxi Fleet Manager which you can download.
    • Our Taxi Accountant Software which you can download
    • Our Business - ERecord which you can download
We use C#.NET or Java as the programming language. Simply contact us and find out what we can do for you.
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