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Supremweb ABN 38 621 383 914, 8/17-19 Sandown Close Woree 4868, PO BOX 4744 CAIRNS QLD 4870 AUSTRALIA
We have been a reputable business for 16 years. Our software never harms your computer! Any Information that contradicts this is false.
The BUSINESS E-RECORD is a software application that can be downloaded from our web site and is used for small business accounting management. It is especially suitable for small businesses, to record their income and expenses for powerfull reporting such as the Goods and Services Reporting (Australian Tax). This software is not only built for the Australian Market (even though it is based on it) but is usable and made for all Countries of the world that operate some kind of Value Added Tax. If this software is used outside the Australian Tax Law, it can be set up for the condition of that country. It assumes that the principle of the tax system is similar and that is:
  • The business-operator collects some value added tax (in Australia known as the GST) and has to pay this collected consumer tax to the government. This is outside the standard income tax.
  • The business-operator pays a tax to his goods and service providers, which he or she can claim back from the government.
Click on the image to the left to download your 30 days trial or you can also Click here to come to the download page.
Current Price after a free 30 days trial is only 49.00 Australian Dollars
Currently you can:
  • Create you own Income Categories to suite your business.
  • Create your income records, edit and delete them.
  • Create your income records by creating invoices.
  • Generate Invoices and cause the Stock to be controlled automatically through Invoicing.
  • Edit, Add and Delete Invoices with auto stock control. This also controls your sales records.
  • Create you own Expense Categories to suite your business.
  • Create your Expense Records, edit and delete them.
  • Create your Stock Categories to suite your business.
  • Add your Stock, edit and delete them.
  • Use your Stock data in your invoices.
  • Create expense records by adding Stock.
  • Add Employees to your Database.
  • Create Wages and Pay Slips for Employees. 
  • And much more to come before the end of the tax year.
  • Powerful Income Reporting
  • Powerfull Expense Reporting.
  • Activity Statement Reporting (GST, VAT).
  • Powerfull End of Tax Year Reporting.
  • Stock reporting, such as Stock value and profit.
  • Other powerfull reporting.
  • Printing Reports and Invoices.
  • Exporting (saving a report) in different formats such as PDF, WORD, EXCEL and so on.
Note: This software is made for a wide range of businesses. Some of the users may for example use the STOCK database, and some may not may not. You can simply ignore parts of the program that you do not need.

The application can be downloaded from our web site and can be tried out for free for 30 days. It can then easily be purchased at a very low cost. Please contact us if you need more trial time than 30 days. You can install as many apps on as many computers as you wish as long as it is used by the same person or company. You only purchase the License once. You can copy the database across your computers.

This Application has been build in Java so that it can be used on all Operating Systems, but at the moment we only provide the Windows Installer. The Installer for MACS and LINUX have not yet been released. Please contact us if you need this app on a different Operating System than Microsoft Windows. We will also anounce it when this software will be available for MACS and LINUX.

Because this software runs on Java, the Java Run Time Environment has to be installed on your computer. This JRE is normally installed on every computer, and even if you don't intend to install our software, you should download it and install it anyway from https://www.java.com/en/download as it is very commonly used by many applications such as your web browsers. It is free. If you try to install the BUSINESS E-RECORDS, and you don't have the JRE on your computer, it will let you know anyway and direct you to this Java Web Site.

Why not download our BUSINESS E-RECORDS and install it on your machine. Go to our download page and download the BUSINESS E-RECORDS.


The application gets updated constantly, and the newer version might have the features that you like. If you let the application trial time expire, but you don't actually uninstall your Trial Business E-Record Application, if there is a newer version, it will prompt you when you start your computer if you want to get another 30 days trial.

When you start up your computer, you will see a prompt asking you if you wish the "BusinessERecordsExtendTrialTime.exe" to make changes to your computer. If you click Yes, it will check if there is a newer version. If there is not a newer version, nothing will happen, but if there is then you will see the prompt as shown here. Click the "YES, I GET IT NOW" button, this downloads the latest version, navigates you through the installer and you have another 30 days trial.

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