Made and written by Werner Sandner

All our ASP.NET components are free for the time being. Werner Sandner builds components for other developers for windows and web applications which will save time and money. At the moment these components are free for downloading, but this will change in the nearest future and we will charge a small fee using a credit card over the Internet.

For more general and useful free software downloads click here When you download the zip file, it already contains the required dll and the instructions of how to use the component. Because at the moment these components are free, we do not provide any warranty with it. All codes are explained in C#, which is obviously the only choice for ASP.NET developers who maintain a high level of professionalism.

We will always mix some "free of charge components" into our Download Library, so it always pays to come here for news. Our component library is growing week by week so it pays to visit us.

If you have any queries or special requests, click here to contact us by form mail or click here to contact us by ordinary email. .

Once you have decided to purchase a component you will create a back up support account and you will be able to log in. You can then also request its souce codes.

We have following components available now:

This beautiful bargraph is very simple to configure and to use. Click on the image of the bargraph or click here to find out more about it or do get this component.
Back to pevious page File Searcher dll
We have designed this dll for the web, but it may just as well be used on desk top applications.


This dll will find all the files in a specific folder and give you the details in many different forms.

This components is a class library, so it is not visible to the user.

To read more and to test this component and to download it click here.
Put this component on your toolbox and simply drag it into your page. Set the properties to provide the correct functionality and looks.

This form mail not only has the looks but has already all the codes compiled for you. All you need to do is set the receiver's email address, the name of the smtp server and if you like an alternative name in case the smtp server cannot be found on the server.

What an easy and quick way to build a fully functional email in less than 2 minutes.

To read more and to test this component and to download it click here.
This is not just a form but the entire compiled codes to add a new email address to your ACCESS database. Just drag it from your toolbox, configure it in your Properties browser for appearance, database name, directory, table name and field name and you have a form on your web site in a matter of minutes that can insert the email address of a new subscriber into your databa.
Go to the subscriber page to find more details and to download this component by clicking here.
Image Transferer


The purpose of this dll, designed by Supremweb is to change image files into a string format that can then be send over the Internet using ASP.NET web services. On the transmitting end it reads a binary image file, converts its binary data to an ASCII equivalent in xml format as a string data type. Having converted a binary image file into an XML string equivalent, it can then be used to be sent over the Internet using web services very easily as it is now ordinary string data only.

This dll can also read this string in from the receiving end and save this XML string on the receiving end back as the original image file with the original file extension.

Click here for more information and to download this component.

This help message box is easy to use and very helpful. It has three buttons and the help button will activate your help documentation. A help message box is a must for any commercial application and this one will save you development money and time. It is for DOT NET APPLICATIONS. Click here for more info and to download this component from our site.
Number text box
Put this text box onto your tool box on the Visual Studio Windows environment and you can always drag a text box on which you can only type numbers. If you try to type any other characters than numbers, it will simply not let you. This component is a must to have.

To download this software simply click here.