This page has been dedicated to our visitors for the download of free software. Some of this software has been especially modified by TAFE and is only available from this web site.

Click here for special developer's components in ASP.NET.

We are still working on this page as we have a lot of great and free software available, so come to this page regularily to look for more free software donwloads.



This software is the only free tool to develop the structure for your database. You can create all the tables and the meta data, and then export an sql file which will then create this database for you. Even though Cadet is available from the original source, this one has been modified to include MySQL.

Click here to download, 832 Kbytes.


This is software that you must have if you are using a MySQL database. An absolutely magnificent Enterprise Manager for MySQL. You can run queries, export and import SQL files and regenerate entire databases with their Meta data, tables and relation ships. A brilliant piece of Engineering from Germany.

Important Note: This software is now out dated and you will get a later version named HeidiSQL from It is recommended to download that later version of a My SQL Manager Program from that site.

Click here to download, 1.175 MBytes


This is a truly great and simple text editor with a lot of functionality. If you want a better plain text editor than Notepad, this is the one to chose. It will give you line numbers and much more. This software is great for everybody, not just for developers.


Click here to download, 571 Kbytes


This software is handy for everyone, regardless whether you write computer software or just use your computer in the home. This software compares two files, (say for example documents typed in Word or Html) and points out the difference between the two.

A true handy, easy and fast way of comparing two documents and find their difference.

Click here to download, 288 Kbytes


This software is handy for people who create html pages and create cascading style sheet files. This is a very easy to use software, which builds and edits all the styles as a css (cascading style sheet file). The automatic dropdown menus and properities guide you through and make your work easy and effecient.


Click here to download, 1.3 Mbytes


Just imagine, you are dealing with a document that constists of data (ones and zeros only) and you want to know and manipulate the ASCI codes. You can write data documents as well. Retrieve any file you want that is written in binary, read and manipulate the data as well as ASCI code equivalent. Create your own data file.

This tool is a must for anyone who does more than just write word documents.

Click here to download, 373 Kbytes