This help messge box has been designed by us to have an easy, fast and cheap way of a component that is often being required. It displays two kind of message boxes to display help files.

1) HelpMessageBox.HelpMessage

This message box comes with two buttons, an OK button and a Help button. Both buttons are DialogResult OK. So when any of the two buttons are clicked, they will both cause this Message Box to dissapear, but when the help button is clicked, it will show the help topics and file as well as making the message box dissapear.

The constructor has thre required inputs, namely: Message, Help file path and name, Help Keyword. The title is fixed and can not be inputted. It says Error.


string msg = "An error has occurred. To find more about the error click the help button";
HelpMessage hm = new HelpMessage(msg, "test1.chm", "banana");
hm.setSize(100, 100);

The setSize() function is optional. The box dislays an error as title and this is fixed.

2) HelpMessageBox.HelpMessageCancel

This one will add a cancel button to your help message box.


DialogResult dres;
string msg = "An error has occurred. To find more about the error click the help button";
HelpMessageCancel hmc = new HelpMessageCancel("Alarm", msg, "test1.chm", "banana");
hmc.setSize(100, 100);
dres = hmc.ShowDialog();
if(dres == DialogResult.OK)

MyFormToBeShown mftbs = new MyFormToBeShown();

The setSize() is optional.

Some more information:

You must create a reference to the dll from your application. This component can not be put on your toolbox and you must create a reference from your solution explorere. I did not put it there as it is not to be used on a form. The name of the dll is HelpMessageBox.dll. When you have created the reference, then you must import the namespace as follows:

You will find two classes inside that name space:

1) HelpMessageBox.HelpMessage

2) HelpMessageBox.HelpMessageCancel.

The details of the two classes are explained above.

Because this is not a web component we can not demonstrate this here. To download this component
click here.