This is not just a form at all. This is the entire compiled dll which will add a new user to your database. It validates that a user with the same Email address does not already exist and it ensures that the email address is validated as a correct address before it inserts the address as a string ito the database.

How to use it:

This component can be put on your toolbox and dragged onto the web page (aspx). It represents a simple form, where viewers can submit their email address and their address gets added to your database. You can then use this data to send them email messages.

This form works with an Access database (mdb) file. You must have a database and you must:

We have added a test.mdb file with this application. So if you experience any difficulties, you can check out if your database is correct by using our test database file. In this case the database name is test.mdb, the table name is Subscribers and the field name is Email. You must set the Properties in the Properties browser accordingly.

You must set in the Properties Browser the path to the database. The path is from where the parent page of this component resides. For example if the component is dragged onto a page named mypage.aspx and is in a directory that has a sub directory with the name (folder name databases) and the database file is named test.mdb, then the Property box in the component browser for the database directory is set to databases\test.mdb.

You will find that there is another Property for alternative database path. This is advantageous if you have a different path in your test environment than on the real web server. If it cannot find the database, rather than raising an exception it will look into the alternative path and name and if it finds it there it will use it.

You can also insert a top image if you like. There are many property fields in the Object browser to provide a rich variation of appearance.

This form will save you hours of hard work.

You can try it out as the sample below is not an image but a true sample of the component.

Type your email address and click
On your left you see this component in action. Remember that you can add a top image to it and configure its looks completely differently from the way we have done it. You can try it out, you would add an email address to our database (don't worry, you are not subscribing to us as this is only for the purpose of testing).

To download this component click here.

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