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Without the facility to create automated reports, this software would be useless. The activity report is one of the most important reports, but as we constantly update this software, more reports will be added. Software updates will be constant and free. Please feel free if there is a type of report you want to see added. Any feed back through our web site would be appreciated as you would be doing us a favor.


The Activity Report is about your Goods and Services Tax (or value added tax or what ever it may be called) which you have paid to your service and goods providers and which you have collected from your customers or income providers. It is a balancing of the book, where we look at how much tax do you owe to the tax office and how much the tax office owes you. You may get a refund, but if your business is doing very well you will most likely be paying this tax.

TheActivity Report is automatically calculating according what you inputted as being your Income and Expenses. When you start the report, you must select the date period from when to when this report is valid. In Australia every three months is typical. You also have to specify if you Pay As You Go. In Australia, you may pay part of your income tax (which is not part of your Goods and Sevices Tax) in installments, and when you do the end of the year tax reporting, you don't get hit with a tax bill. You may even get a refund. The Pay As You Go amount is usually worked out by your tax office. In Australia you can override it, the only danger being that if you did not pay enough tax, you may have to pay the entire lot when you do your final end of the year tax assessment.

Remember that there are two kind of taxes:

  1. The Goods and Services Tax (or it may have a different name in other countries such as for example VAT).
  2. Your Income Tax.

This Activity Report deals with the Goods and Services, or Value Added Tax and not with your income tax. However the Pay As You Go item may be part of your Income Tax Installment, so this Pay As You Go actually has nothing to do with your GST (or VAT), it is merely a part of your total income tax payment. This software is written on the bases of the Austalian, New Zealand, UK Tax Laws. If there is no Pay As You Go, just leave it a 0.00.

This software is still being developed and there will be more reports such as End of the Year reports in the updates, All updates are free.